Pregnancy Stretch and Relax Class

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Pregnancy Stretch and Relax Class

The PPA Pregnancy Stretch and Relax Class is a women only weekly class offering a program of gentle stretching and pregnancy exercise in a caring and relaxed environment, providing you with professional and social support throughout your pregnancy.

The program combines pregnancy exercises from pregnancy yoga and pregnancy pilates with other pregnancy stretches designed to gently strengthen and tone the muscle groups which support your body during pregnancy and enable you to give birth. Our focus upon the use of the breath and relaxation techniques also enables you to reduce fear and anxiety.

Each class also provides you with an opportunity to share your experiences with other pregnant women and establish friendships for the journey into motherhood and beyond.

The Pregnancy Stretch and Relax Class incorporates group discussion around preparation for birth and parenting based on the needs of the women attending. There are also regular nights which provide opportunities for partners to join in, enabling them to benefit from the supportive culture of the class and develop their skills and knowledge around their role during birth and beyond.


Your first PPA Pregnancy Stretch and Relax class is FREE, so book your Introductory Session today!

PPA Pregnancy Stretch and Relax classes cost $19 per class and booking are make in 10 week blocks. Concessional rates are available for Healthcare Card holders, full-time students and lone parents in genuine need.

When and Where

PPA Pregnancy Stretch and Relax classes are held weekly and are generally 1.5 hours in length.

PPA is currently in a start-up phase, Pregnancy Stretch and Relax Classes will be launched in Melbourne in August 2015.

To register your interest, contact us via our online Registration Form, we look forward to hearing from you.


What women say about this antenatal class


“I enjoy the approach of each class: learning to get to know the different muscle groups in labour and learning to trust them. It gives me more confidence in myself and what my body can do.”
First-time mum-to-be


“I wish that I had found these classes sooner and started earlier!”
First-time mum-to-be


“So many things I love about the class: the interaction between the women; the informative handouts; the ‘What’s up’ section; the celebration of those who are nearly due; and the stretching is excellent!”
First-time mum-to-be


“I wish that I could always feel as calm as I feel at the end of your class.”
Second-time mum-to-be