Your Developing Child

During the period from birth to 5 months, your baby will be learning how to use their hands, their limbs and their body in a co-ordinated and purposeful way. Communication Your baby is...Read more

As a parent, you are in charge and only you can decide what limits will work for your family. Very young children (under three) are not able to reason about things. They do not have enough...Read more

The period from 6 to 12 months, is an exciting time for your baby's development. This period can see babies developing from lying on their tummies or backs, to 'cruising' around on two feet...Read more

Independence is the ability to do things for ourselves and think for ourselves. Children become independent through direct experience of their own capabilities. This comes through being...Read more

Learning to use the toilet is a positive part of your child's development and progression. When your child is able to use the toilet, this is a significant landmark in their level of...Read more

Very young babies have got so much going on! It doesn't always appear to be that way from our perspective, but by the time your baby is 3 months old, their brain will have grown over 60%...Read more

Once your baby is able to sit, they gain a whole new perspective on the world and have the opportunity to refine their ability to use both of their hands together to achieve a task. This...Read more

Now that your child is walking they will use their hands to touch, hold and carry...almost everything within reach! They are now highly mobile and active. Providing opportunities for your...Read more

Babies are born with millions of neurons (brain cells), but they are not yet wired together. Your baby's brain and nervous system mature as their neurons connect up and become insulated...Read more

From the moment your baby is born, they are stimulated to move. Initially these movements are reflexes, triggered in response to physical stimuli. As your baby’s nervous system matures,...Read more

Your child's third year is a time of critical brain development. Their continued exploration of and experience in the world enables them to build a strong sense of their own capacities. For...Read more

This period in your child's development heralds a major change in your lived experience as a parent. Your child is beginning to use language to commuicate with you and their ability to move...Read more