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Pregnancy to Parenting Australia is a national not-for-profit which provides parents with the information and know-how to optimise their experience of the transition into parenting and their child's early development. The information we provide is impartial and based on the latest research, to enable new parents to make the best decisions for them and their families. The support we provide is non-judgemental and aims to meet the needs of all parents during pregnancy, childbirth and the early years of their child’s life.


We were founded in 2012 by experts in childbirth education, child development and maternal health. We are auspiced by the Montessori Australia Foundation which aims to ensure that all children have the best possible start in life.

Our work

Informed and supported parents

  • We provide low-cost and locally available antenatal classes and parenting courses which meet the diverse needs of Australian parents;
  • We offer a multi-channel support framework, to ensure the parents are able to get the information they need, when they need it, based on their current stage in the transition to parenthood.
  • We train and deploy a national workforce of professional childbirth and early parenting educators to provide learning and development opportunities to parents.

Strong communities

  • We build the capacity of Australia's diverse communities of parents to meet their own needs and those of other parents via our local volunteer branch network.
  • We connect parents to the providers of early childhood services and programs which meet the needs of parents and young families.
  • We champion parent participation in service and policy design, delivery and evaluation.
  • We work to enhance the Australian community's understanding of the transition to parenthood and its implications.

Responsive Society

  • We act as a key reference point on pregnancy and the early years of childhood.
  • We contribute to and broaden the National discourse on pregnancy and the early years of childhood, via the Pregnancy to Parenting Resource Centre.
  • We engage with and learn from peer reviewed research and experts in the wider community for the enrichment of our programs for parents.
  • We focus the expertise of the Montessori Education Sector in Australia and around the world for the benefit of Australian parents.