Third Trimester

By the beginning of the third trimester, the baby’s vital organs and skeleton are complete. The final trimester of the pregnancy involves the maturing and strengthening of these systems...Read more

A healthy pregnancy and great birth have their foundations in your health and diet during pregnancy. Any improvement you can make to your diet and lifestyle in pregnancy, no matter how far...Read more

From the moment you discover that you are pregnant, you begin to make decisions as a parent. The first decisions you make will be about your lifestyle and the sort of changes you might need...Read more

Exercise during pregnancy can help you to improve or maintain your physical fitness resulting in a healthier and more comfortable pregnancy; an easier birth; and a speedier return to normal...Read more

Vaginal birth after a previous caesarean (VBAC) should be possible for 70 - 80% of women. There is very little good research into planned vaginal birth after a previous caesarean section...Read more

Around 3-5% of babies remain in the breech position (bottom down) when they reach 37 weeks. If your baby is breech, there is a 50% likelihood that they will rotate to a head down position...Read more

Whether your caesarean birth is scheduled or unplanned, it may be possible to express your preferences on many different aspects of the birth. Participating in the decision making process...Read more

Group B Streptococcus (GBS) is commonly found in the gastrointestinal tract of men and women and colonises the vagina in approximately 15% to 30% of women. The danger to babies is that GBS...Read more

Our Active Birth and Beyond Workshops are practical, hands-on and fun learning experiences designed to dispel myths and remove fear, build skills and expand understanding so that you can...Read more

Pre-labour is the period before labour begins when the woman experiences irregular uterine tightenings or contractions which soften and thin the cervix , a process called effacement . These...Read more

As the end of your pregnancy approaches, the hormonal balance which has been maintaining your pregnancy shifts. The lower segment of your uterus relaxes and the baby may engage in your...Read more

The PPA Pregnancy Stretch and Relax Class is a women only weekly class offering a program of gentle stretching and pregnancy exercise in a caring and relaxed environment, providing you with...Read more